Does WPR Solve All Your PC Problems?

Windows Problem Reporting

Windows Problem Reporting (WPR) is a crash reporting technology available exclusively to Windows based computers with Windows XP and later and included in all future Windows versions. This is also included in all Microsoft Office programs. The WPR solution crashes the computer when a problem occurs, which can be determined and repaired from the built in “System Tools” folder of your computer.

If you want to use the Windows Problem Reporting, you need a Microsoft windows operating system. You also will need to install the Microsoft Window Repair Utility program on your system. It’s important that this program is installed and active when you use WPR. This is because the utility will perform all the repairing work that the human mind cannot do.

One of the main problems that causes crashes in computers is missing hardware drivers. When you install new hardware, most of the drivers are not installed yet. When the computer is restarted after installation, the missing drivers usually cause the computer to crash. WPR is designed to detect such driver errors and fix them automatically. As a result, your computer will not crash even if some more drivers are missing.

The Windows Problem Reporting system is designed to be a simple application that anyone with even a fundamental knowledge of windows can use to repair their systems. You can also perform troubleshooting tasks on this software without having to know much about windows system. WPR is an easy to use windows based software tool that can diagnose any problems that are related to windows hardware or software. If you are having windows trouble it is important to get help from a professional as they will have more knowledge about windows than you. Even if you’re having minor problems with your windows system, it’s still advisable to get professional assistance as they can give you the technical support that will go further to help you resolve your issue.

One major disadvantage of WPR is that it has no automated scanning feature. This means that even if your PC has developed serious faults, you will have to manually scan all errors in your system. This manual process is especially time consuming if you are dealing with errors that are attached to programs like games and other runtime programs. It can also take a while to recover from a windows problem that is associated with driver or software related issues.

Despite its many faults, WPR does have one advantage over many other registry cleaners. Its advanced error detection features make it able to recognize and remove corrupted files from your computer system. It can identify faulty programs and drivers and fix all the errors related to these files. However it needs your full cooperation to enable the software to clean up all the errors it finds. As a result, you may not always notice a reduction in your system crashes but after a period of time you will start to notice a reduction in your system crashes.